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Why Plutosoft

Imagine a world in
which software was
easy to use…

It is, in fact, possible to have your practice run effortlessly in a way that gives you more freedom to focus on what really matters: spending more time your clients and developing strategies to grow your business.

Whether small or large, new or established, growing or consolidating, Plutosoft is able to transform your practice by cutting the time you currently spend on compliance and administration and opening a new world of possibility.

Facing the facts


  • Advisers are less than satisfied with their current CRM and software providers. (Source: Money Management)
  • Improving profitability, systemising workflow and maintaining technology are among the greatest challenges advisers face. (Source: Dimensional Advisor Benchmark Survey 2017)
  • There is clearly a gap between what advisers require their technology to deliver and what established providers are currently delivering.

The Plutosoft Difference


The team behind Plutosoft are software experts and financial advisers, which means we offer a product developed from this unique combination of skills. Our software is technologically advanced yet functional. It’s practical yet intuitive. Every feature and function has been implemented and tested, with direct input from financial advisers.

  • Automates non-value adding functions, such as compliance and administration
  • Radically reduces the time and cost of delivering advice and producing advice documents
  • Avoids unnecessary duplication inherent in other software programs
  • Maximises the profitability and value of advice practices
  • Creates a highly systemised working environment
  • Intuitive, smart and user-friendly