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Who we are

Our goal is to be the
preferred software
program for leading
financial planning

In 2014, financial planner and software engineer Lindsay Holland (CFP) took the plunge to develop a customised software program for her Perth-based practice.

Drawing from her extensive experience as a software engineer, she set out to build a program from the ground up that would revolutionise her own practice.

Her vision was to create a program that would be user-friendly, improve client and staff engagement and help her practice to be more efficient.

Most importantly, the software would bring together the entire advice process – from data collection to onboarding; from financial modelling to advice production; from portfolio reporting to ongoing review – through one application. Three years, sheer determination and countless hours later, her vision was realised.

And the results were so successful in her own practice that she had a new vision: to take Plutosoft to the wider market. A new company was established and a management team assembled to help fulfil her mission, and today, the Plutosoft team deliver the same world-class technology solution for other leading practices.

You’re invited to join the Plutosoft revolution, too.

Meet the management team

Leanne Bogoev
Head of Client Success

Leanne is a chartered accountant and financial planner with an excellent track record implementing software in financial planning firms.  She understands the unique challenges financial planners face and how to successfully implement change in their businesses.

Lindsay Holland
Lead Software Engineer

Lindsay is a dual qualified software engineer and certified financial planner. As a software engineer, she has designed, built and implemented leading software programs and applications for multi-national companies around the world.

Vincent Holland
Head of Sales & Business Development

Vincent is a dual qualified lawyer and financial planner, and brings a unique skillset to the team. He has a passion for sales, entrepreneurship and innovation. Having previously worked in a top tier law firm, he has an excellent understanding of business and board processes.

John Bogoev
Technical Support &
Intergration Specialist

John is a multidisciplinary tech wizard with experience in software development, infrastructure administration, and provides friendly technical support.