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What is Plutosoft

Built for
practices who aspire
to be the best…

Plutosoft is a comprehensive cloud-based financial planning software and practice management program. Created in a financial planning practice, from the ground up, Plutosoft solves the problems that practices face on a daily basis.

Interactive modelling

You can conduct live modelling directly in front of clients with this smart and easy modelling tool. Thereafter, you can compare the outcome of different strategies with graphical simulations.

Automate advice documents

You can produce even the most complicated Statement of Advice documents with robo-like ease and precision, which means advice documents are completed in minutes, not days.

Task and workflow management

You can get an instant overview of every task and
decision made across your office.

Portfolio reporting

You can view, manage and track your clients’ portfolios in one place, as well as produce a customised portfolio report at the click of a button.

Client portal

You can allow your clients to log in to their own portals to update their information and book appointments online.


You can have your finger on the pulse with automated alerts that help you stick to compliance deadlines.