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How we
do it

At Plutosoft, we’re so much more
than a software vendor…

We pride ourselves on delivering a highly personal and hands-on approach, as we work closely with our clients to get an understanding of their needs. A robust implementation process is followed to ensure your software proves to facilitate immediate success.

  • Advice templates
  • Access to a full suite of report and strategy templates (with an option to upload your own)
  • Business process improvement
  • Specialist practice management consulting

Getting started

Upgrading your practice management software is a necessary step to growing your business. While it may sound like a challenge, it doesn’t have to be a tough one. The entire process can be easy when you have a strategic, carefully planned approach to it and a knowledgeable, dedicated team to guide you.


Our team of data migration specialists can help you decide what data is important and show you how to optimise your existing collateral and business processes. We follow a collaborative approach, working with you to best understand your requirements.


Our system is fully parametrised, which means we’re able to meet your requirements with virtually no development work required. We can therefore customise a system to meet your needs within a few days.


We can ensure you get the maximum value from your core systems by integrating data where required. Our team have vast experience in integrating Plutosoft with a large number of third party systems.


We pride ourselves on following a rigorous process of validating and testing the migration steps before deployment in a separate test environment.


Thanks to our team of knowledgeable consultants, we can deploy the new system with minimal disruption to your environment. It is crucial during the migration phase that your business keeps running and doesn’t miss out on billable time.


Once deployed, we can continue monitoring your environment to proactively identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement. This means we continually evaluate any number of factors to inform your efforts for improvement, including system performance from a technical standpoint; the quality of the user experience; user challenges; and/or system health.